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L.A. Urban Rangers Lead Sixth Street Bridge Exploration

This Saturday, the Los Angeles Urban Rangers are once again taking the intimidation factor out of exploring the Los Angeles River with the River Ramble, a free guided tour beneath the historic Sixth Street bridge and into the Los Angeles River itself. Tours might include sightings of native species such as black-necked stilts or black-clad film crew.


"There's a gazillion dollars going into river revitalization," says Urban Ranger and L.A. River guide Jenny Price. "Its revitalization will have consequences for the neighborhoods of Los Angeles when with it comes cleaner air, better water quality, but if you stop people on the street and ask, 'What's going on in the Los Angeles River?' They'll still ask, 'Where's the river?' The public imagination is still behind the policy folks despite all this activity."

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Did you know?

Air rights over the Los Angeles Central Library are owned by the U.S. Bank Tower.