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Water Bar takes flight at Public Art Biennial!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our 
Pop-Up Water Bar & Happy Hour in August!

 photos by Harvey Opgenorth

Missed it? Our Ranger Watertenders served up 6 L.A.-area waters — On Tap and Bottled, local and imported — at our family-friendly camp circle hangout, complete with S'more snacks, music, pool, water-quality pong, Junior Ranger activities, Tall Tales and more. Participants sipped, savored, and voted for the best and worst tasting L.A. waters.

Overheard at the Water Bar:

“I have an old-fashioned palate. I like Southeast best. The others all have an aftertaste.”

“I think Smartwater tastes the sweetest.”

“This one is definitely more plastic-y.”

“What’s an aqueduct?”

“Westside is so chlorinated!”

“I know Aquafina is just bottled tap water, but I still think it tastes the best.”

“What is up with Westside water? I don’t drink it at home. We buy bottled.”

“Southeast and the Valley have a nice earthy flavor.”

“I liked all the bottled waters best. What do they do to the bottled waters that makes them taste less processed?”

“The bottled waters all taste chemical-ly.”

“We’re learning how Southeast water comes from a polluted area but we think it tastes the best.”

“I like Fiji best.”

“I don’t even want to try any of the bottled waters.”

“I think there’s more complexities to the tap water.”

“I liked all of them. I can’t choose a favorite.”

Special thanks to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. The Los Angeles Urban Rangers are proud to be selected for L.A.'s first Public Art Biennial, "CURRENT: LA Water," which uses contemporary art as a platform for the exchange of ideas around critical issues our city faces together.

posted September 15, 2016

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