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Off-Duty Ranger News!

Jenny's app Our Malibu Beaches is now in Spanish!—and downloadable in English, too, on iTunes and Google Play. You can read her LA Times op-ed about our beaches here--or listen to her hold forth on KPFK, KCRW, and KCRW. She’s also at work on a short book, Stop Saving the Planet!: A 12-Step Guide For 21st-Century Environmentalists.

Emily’s first book, Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics, coedited with Kirsten Swenson, is now available (and even includes a discussion of the Urban Rangers in a great essay by Sarah Kanouse!). She continues to write and teach on subjects ranging from the representational crises triggered by climate change, to uneven geology, oyster-tecture, desertification, and Anthropocene aesthetics. While still posted at ETH Zurich, her frequent long-distance migrations included a spring trip to California for a series of talks.

Sara’s busy in South Los Angeles encouraging interpretation and cultural exchange with Creative Graffiti Abatement with the L.A. County Arts Commission Civic Art Program. With an array of fieldwork enthusiasts and support from the Kresge Foundation, she continues her creative placemaking work in Milwaukee, including the Beerline Trail Neighborhood Development Project. She also juried the 50-mile Farm/Art DTour temporary art celebration in scenic pastures.

Therese honored urbanist and placemaking pioneer Jane Jacob’s centennial with a Jane’s Walk in Downtown L.A., illuminated tours as a form of storytelling at a digital humanities workshop at Brown University, and shared inclusive city making tools for the “Arsenal of Inclusion: Los Angeles Edition” with Daniel D’Oca at the SACRPH planning conference. She continues to advocate for a vibrant civic realm in her role on the City of Santa Monica Architectural Review Board.

posted June 2016

Did you know?

Griffith Park is the largest urban wilderness park in the United States.