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Off-Duty Ranger News!

Howdy ho, dear long lost fellow urban nature-seekers! From Alpine peaks and Ivory Towers to industrial wastelands and eroding coastlines, to right here at home in biodiverse Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Urban Rangers stand ready. . . .

Home-front Happenings:

• Therese is teaming up to create a new residential ecology with the Backyard BI(h)OME, exhibiting at Natural History Museum’s “Urban Nature” Festival June 27-28, 2015.

• Jenny and cohorts at Project 51 launched Play the LA River in September, a 51-week call to Angelenos to come play on the LA River. Free 52-site card deck available for the asking. Come sing, dance, picnic, play games. . . . however the River inspires you to play!

• Another tool to find and use a public beach in Malibu: Jenny’s mobile app Our Malibu Beaches, with Escape Apps is available for iPhone and Android.

Ranger Sightings Elsewhere:

Central California Coast
• Therese and Sara created i (heart) h2o: How's Your Water Relationship?, a smart phone-based map and relationship questionnaire to explore a personal, poetic relationship with water. Take the playful relationship questionnaire here.

The Midwestern U.S.
• Sara’s been busy with ‘Creational Trails, a creative placemaking initiative pioneering public space and cultural development as an extension of the miles of gorgeous, existing recreational trails and as an expression of the many inspiring cultures throughout Milwaukee.

• Jenny created A What-Is-Nature Nature Trail in St. Louis.

And Beyond
• Emily continues to write, speak and create (New York! Montreal! Germany!) with the international art-media-research platform World of Matter, which investigates global resource ecologies. Her related interpretive audio tour debuted at Hartware MedienKunstverein in Dortmund, Germany last year, where she also co-led a hike with a botanist on the postnatural landscapes of Dortmund.

• Emily is making multiple appearances as a speculative investigator of the Anthropocene’s fossil record—e.g., as a commentator on “Anthropogenic Landscapes” at the Anthropocene Campus at HKW in Berlin last November, and at the upcoming Royal Geographic Society’s annual meeting in Exeter in September, among others.

March 2015

Did you know?

Los Angeles is not located in a desert as is commonly believed. In fact, LA has a Mediterranean climate.