Interstate: The American Road Trip

Los Angeles to New York Road Trip


For Interstate: the American Road Trip, we developed a series of public programs, a customizable Interstate Road Trip Specialist Field Kit (including a copy of our Field Guide to the American Road Trip), a West to East reverse pioneer road trip, and an Interstate billboard for the entrance at Socrates Sculpture Park. All are intended to facilitate sharpened observational skills for reading 21st century roadside geographies, particularly in light of the ever-increasing standardization of the American landscape (the Interstate Highway System – begun in 1956 and characterized by consistent speeds, straightened corridors, limited access points, and repetitive models of urban development and architectural design – is emblematic).


(Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics)
(SVT, Swedish National Television)

Did you know?

The Marbled Godwit is a large, long-billed shorebird that you can often see on the Malibu coast.