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L.A. River Sightings

Show us your view of the L.A. River. Upload your photos and thoughts about how we can get through the thick Undergrowth of Infrastructure, Regulation and Forgetting.

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Jacob J. L. Dickinson

I haven't articulated a lot of thoughts; my approach to the thick undergrowth so far has simply been probing it, usually with a camera and a couple of dogs who enjoy the exercise. (One broad lesson learned: Any sufficiently long fence has a hole in it. But of course the perspective your project properly advocates is to take the fence out of the equation and transform trespassing to open access, and hooray for that.) However, you're welcome to use or link to my photos of the Ramble online, if they're helpful: flickr.com/photos/jjldickinson/tags/lariverramble. Just credit me. Thanks!

There will be more photos soon. I'm shooting film (!), and there are some Ramble photos on rolls in two different cameras at the moment. I'll get them processed as soon as I can use up the rest of that film!

You probably wouldn't need it for online purposes, but let me know if you need more resolution for a related project. I squeeze so many pixels out of scanning my negatives that I reduce to 60% to be assured of fitting inside Flickr's file size limit. I've also used a script to enhance all the images, and could supply un-enhanced versions if you need to tweak to order.

There's more where that came from. For example, see the account of the Long Beach SoundWalk performance I participated in last year, with a friend and his wife: wikigong.com/wiki/SoundWalk_2010_project. I guess what this doesn't tell you, actually, is the pertinent part: about 15 minutes of every hour were dedicated to a composition about the L.A. River, with hundreds of my photographs projected on a wall. We can dig up some stuff (e.g. video, rather abstract "score") if that's useful.

You'll find a lot of photos at flickr.com/photos/jjldickinson/tags/lariver, but only the most recent are directly related to the Ramble. Some photos document recent work, preparing for this year's SoundWalk performance. However, I don't think it will be so directly related to the L.A. River. You may find the Flickr "Los Angeles River" photo pool interesting: flickr.com/groups/lariver.

Thanks for putting the Ramble together, by the way. I went with a friend, and we both really enjoyed it. There was nothing wrong with it that slowing down and spending more time wouldn't have cured! (I kind of wish I'd spent more time looking through the books that were out, for example, and engaging the ranger there in some conversation.)


Did you know?

Air rights over the Los Angeles Central Library are owned by the U.S. Bank Tower.